You can add or edit user-specific roles to perform actions and view features and objects in vRealize Operations. With role-based access, you can assign roles to users and let them only perform the actions that their permissions allow.

Where You Add or Edit User Roles

  1. To manage user roles, from the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Access Control tile.
  2. Select the Roles tab and click Add.
  3. To edit a role, select the role and then click Edit Role. You can also click the EDIT ROLE button in the Role Details page and edit the role.
    Table 1. Add or Edit Role Information Page
    Option Description


    Name of the role to apply to a specific level of users, such as user for base users or administrator for users with administrative permissions.


    Description of the role, indicating its purpose.

    Assign Permissions
    Note: You can set default permissions for the selected role using the Apply Default Permissions option. The Apply Default Option is available only when you edit an Out-of-the-box role.

    Select all Permissions

    Click Select all Permissions to apply the permissions for the role you create or select. You can click the arrow next to the categories to set specific permissions to the roles you define.

    Expand All

    Click the Expand All button to expand the trees of all the categories and select the check boxes to apply or modify the permissions for the selected role.

    Collapse All

    Click the Collapse All button to Close the tree view and display only the high-level categories.

  4. Click Save.