You might want to present insights into your application or infrastructure performance to a wider audience, using tools such as Microsoft Power BI. By using the view share functionality, you can export a view to an external tool to ensure relevant stakeholders have the latest insights. You can use the provided API end point URL to import view data in a reporting tool. You can also export the configuration details of the view.

Where You Can Access the Option to Share Views

From the left menu, click Visualize > Views. From the Views panel, click Manage. From the Views page on the right, click an existing view, select a preview source and then click the Share View icon in the top-right corner.
Table 1. Options in the Share View Dialog Box
Option Description
URL Tab You can export view data using a URL. The resulting view data includes view configuration data, objects, and metrics metadata, per object metric data, summary and calculated data, and other view specific data. View data usually corresponds to the data shown in the View UI for the specified view configuration. You can copy and paste the URL in other reporting tools for integration with vRealize Operations.
  • Preview Source: You can select the last previewed source.
  • URL: You can copy the URL for the selected configured view. To use the URL as an authorized user, you need an authorization token.
    Note: The URL provided is the required REST call for fetching data. See the API Programming guide for details.
  • Authorization: The authorization token is generated. To generate the authorization token, enter the Username and Password and click Generate.
Export Tab You can download and export the view configuration details.