Metrics are collected for Linux and Windows operating systems.

Linux Platforms

The following metrics are collected for Linux operating systems:

Table 1. Metrics for Linux
Metric Metric Category KPI
<Instance name>| Usage Idle CPU False
<Instance name>| Usage IO-Wait CPU False
<Instance name>|Time Active CPU True
<Instance name>|Time Guest CPU False
<Instance name>|Time Guest Nice CPU False
<Instance name>|Time Idle CPU False
<Instance name>|Time IO-Wait CPU False
<Instance name>|Time IRQ CPU True
<Instance name>|Time Nice CPU False
<Instance name>|Time Soft IRQ CPU True
<Instance name>|Time Steal CPU False
<Instance name>|Time System CPU False
<Instance name>|Time User CPU True
<Instance name>|Usage Active (%) CPU True
<Instance name>|Usage Guest (%) CPU False
<Instance name>|Usage Guest Nice (%) CPU False
<Instance name>|Usage IRQ (%) CPU True
<Instance name>|Usage Nice (%) CPU False
<Instance name>|Usage Soft IRQ (%) CPU True
<Instance name>|Usage Steal (%) CPU False
<Instance name>|Usage System (%) CPU True
<Instance name>|Usage User (%) CPU True
CPU Load1 (%) CPU Load False
CPU Load15 (%) CPU Load False
CPU Load5 (%) CPU Load False
<Instance name>|IO Time Disk IO False
<Instance name>|Read Time Disk IO False
<Instance name>|Reads Disk IO False
<Instance name>|Write Time Disk IO False
<Instance name>|Writes Disk IO False
<Instance name>|Disk Free Disk False
<Instance name>|Disk Total Disk False
<Instance name>|Disk Used (%) Disk False
Cached Memory False
Free Memory False
Inactive Memory False
Total Memory True
Used Memory True
Used Percent Memory True
Blocked Processes True
Dead Processes False
Running Processes False
Sleeping Processes False
Stopped Processes False
Zombies Processes False
Free Swap False
In Swap False
Out Swap False
Total Swap True
Used Swap True
Used Percent Swap True

Windows Platforms

The following metrics are collected for Windows operating systems:

Table 2. Metrics for Windows
Metric Metric Category KPI
Idle Time CPU False
Interrupt Time CPU False
Interrupts persec CPU True
Privileged Time CPU False
Processor Time CPU False
User Time CPU False
DPC Time (%) CPU False
Usage Guest (%) CPU False
Usage System (%) CPU False
Usage User (%) CPU False
Avg. Disk Bytes Read Disk False
Avg. Disk sec Read Disk False
Avg. Disk sec Write Disk False
Avg. Disk Write Queue Length Disk False
Avg. Disk Read Queue Length Disk False
Disk Read Time Disk False
Disk Write Time Disk False
Free Megabytes Disk False
Free Space Disk False
Idle Time Disk False
Split IO persec Disk False
Available Bytes Memory True
Cache Bytes Memory False
Cache Faults persec Memory False
Committed Bytes Memory True
Demand Zero Faults persec Memory False
Page Faults persec Memory True
Pages persec Memory False
Pool Nonpaged Bytes Memory True
Pool Paged Bytes Memory False
Transition Faults persec Memory False
Total (bytes) Memory False
Used (bytes) Memory False
Used Percent(%) Memory False
Bytes Received persec Network False
Bytes Sent persec Network False
Packets Outbound Discarded Network False
Packets Outbound Errors Network False
Packets Received Discarded Network False
Packets Received Errors Network False
Packets Received persec Network False
Packets Sent persec Network False
Elapsed Time Process False
Handle Count Process False
IO Read Bytes persec Process False
IO Read Operations persec Process False
IO Write Bytes persec Process False
IO Write Operations persec Process False
Privileged Time Process False
Processor Time Process False
Thread Count Process False
User Time Process False
Context Switches persec System False
Processes System False
Processor Queue Length System False
System Calls persec System False
System Up Time System False
Threads System False
Used Percent (%) Swap False
Total (bytes) Swap False