You can activate or deactivate native management packs, and add or upgrade other management packs from the Repository tab of the Integrations page.

Where You Find the Integrations Page

From the left menu, click Data Sources > Integrations. Go to the Repository tab in the right pane. The page displayed tiles under Installed Integrations, and Available Integrations

Table 1. Repository Page Options
Options Descriptions
Name Name of the solution.
Activate Installs the native management pack. You can configure cloud management packs after activation from the Repository or Accounts tab of the Integrations.

The activation starts only if all the cluster's nodes are accessible.

Note: Pre-Installed management packs are activated by default. You can configure them from the Repository tab or Accounts of the Integrations page
Add Account For more information on the accounts which are activated by default, see, Connecting to Data Sources.
Deactivate Uninstalls the management pack.
Vertical Ellipses > View Content Displays the list of content that has been deployed using the solution.
Vertical Ellipses > Reset Default Content This option is only available for the VMware vSphere solution.

After you update your instance of vRealize Operations and select the option to overwrite, alert definitions and symptom definitions, you must overwrite your existing compliance alert definitions.

When you upgrade your current version of vRealize Operations, you must select this option to overwrite alert definitions and symptom definitions. If you do not overwrite alert and symptom definitions, compliance rules use a mixture of new and outdated definitions.

Other Management Packs
Add You can add a management pack. For details, see Adding Solutions.