Using the GCP Inventory dashboard you can navigate through the GCP inventory and view service details for each GCP project.

The GCP Inventory dashboard is designed to provide an overview of your GCP inventory. By default, the total number of projects and services displayed are at the GCP World level. You can view the number and types of services and also the growth or decline of a service within a specific period for individual projects. You can also drill down and view the service summary per region for a specific project. Using this information, you can understand growth trends, and manage and utilize your inventory cost-effectively.

The Inventory dashboard helps you answer several key questions:
  • How many projects are being monitored?
  • What services are being used?
  • What is the growth trend for specific services, projects, or regions?

How to Use the Dashboard

  • GCP Inventory widget: The inventory dashboard displays the total number of projects, the project names, available regions, and the total number of services running at the GCP World level.
  • Number of Projects widget: Displays the total number of GCP projects being monitored at the GCP World level.
  • Projects widget: Select a project from the table to refresh the service count and view the services specific to that project.
  • Regions widget: Select a region to filter the service count and view service information per region.
  • Inventory by Services widget: Double click a service to view the growth trend and details regarding the service.