A system audit report provides an overview of the counts of objects, metrics, super metrics, applications, and custom groups in your vRealize Operations instance. This report can help you understand the scale of your environment.

The system audit report displays the types and number of objects that vRealize Operations manages. Reported objects include those that are configured and collecting data, the types of objects, object counts for adapters, the metrics that are configured and being collected, super metrics, vRealize Operations generated metrics, the number of applications used, and the number of custom groups.

You can use this report to help determine whether the number of objects in your environment exceeds a supported limit.

Where You Audit the System

  1. To audit the objects, metrics, applications, and custom groups in your environment, from the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Audit tile.
  2. Click the System Audit tab.
The objects and their associated counts appear in the report.
Table 1. System Audit Actions
Option Description


Download the system information to a report in PDF or XLS format.