After you install or upgrade to the latest version of cloud proxy, you must set up accurate timekeeping as part of the deployment. If the time settings between cloud proxy and vRealize Operations are not synchronized, you face agent installation and metric collection issues. Ensure time synchronization between the endpoint VMs, vCenter Server, ESX Hosts, cloud proxy and vRealize Operations using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).


  • Agent installation fails


  • Log in to cloud proxy and run the following command to stop the NTP daemon:
    systemctl stop ntpd
  • Run the following command to update the time immediately from an NTP server:
    Note: Replace with a suitable time server setting. You can use the FQDN or IP of the time server.
  • Enter the following command to start the NTP daemon:
    systemctl start ntpd
    Note: The system time takes about five minutes to sync with the NTP server time.