The cost driver editing process has been enhanced to support export and import of existing cost driver configurations. You can download (export) the existing cost driver configurations as an xls/csv file, edit the cost drivers and import the updated file back to the system. You must ensure that the import cost driver file should have the same template as that of the exported file.

Where to find the Import or Export Option

From the left menu, click Configuration > Cost Settings > Cost Drivers. In the Cost Drivers tab, select either Import or Export.

The import and export functionality is applicable only for vCenter cost drivers, the functionality is not available for VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services.

Using the import and export option, you can perform the following actions on the cost drivers:
  • Export or import the cost driver configuration file.
  • Read and edit the cost driver configuration file.
  • Validate the updated cost driver configuration file and report errors.
  • Identify the error from the log file and correct the errors.

You are prompted with error messages if the uploaded file has errors. You can correct the errors and upload the file, or you can ignore the errors, the system still allows you to upload the file.