The vSAN Stretched Clusters dashboard provides an overview of the cluster resources used across vSAN fault domains. Using the stretched clusters dashboard you can monitor the resource consumption at the site level for Preferred Sites and Secondary Sites. You can create custom dashboards for specific vSAN stretched cluster metrics.

Where to View vSAN Stretched Cluster Objects

On the menu, click Dashboard > Capacity and Utilization > vSAN Stretched Clusters.

You can also view the vSAN stretched cluster objects from Environment > VMware vSAN > vSAN and Storage Devices > vSAN Clusters, if the vSAN cluster is a stretched cluster.

The vSAN Stretched Clusters dashboard provides information about CPU Capacity, Cores, Memory Capacity, and Disk Capacity for the Preferred Site and the Secondary Site. You can identify the vSAN stretched clusters running out of capacity looking at the utilization metrics.