When a service is unavailable, an alert is triggered for the specific VM.

Alert for Service Unavailability

On a VM that is monitored, if one of the services is down, in the next collection cycle an alert is triggered.
Alert Name Symptom
One or more monitored service(s) are unavailable on the virtual machine. Service is not available.

When the service is available again, the symptom disappears.

The alert is canceled in the following scenarios:
  • When all the discovered services are available again in the monitored VM.
  • If the service is not available within 7 days.
  • If you deactivate service monitoring for the monitored VM.

Where You Find the Alert

From the Manage Services page, ensure that the VM is monitored and one or more service(s) are unavailable on the VM. Select the VM, click Show Details to go to the summary page. Click Alerts from the toolbar, and then click the Alerts tab.

Property for Service Unavailability

You can view the property called Status for a service that has been discovered on the VM. For more information, see the topic called Services Properties.