The Business Applications page is where you view all your Business Applications and their health in a sortable table. The health of the Business Application is determined by the aggregated health of the underlying objects. The Health column in the table displays the status.

Where You View the Business Applications Page

From the left menu, select Environment > Business Applications to view the Business Applications page. All the available Business Applications are displayed in the table.

The table displays the following types of objects:
  • Auto discovered and monitored applications which have more than one node.
    • Using Service Discovery.
    • Imported through vRealize Network Insight.
  • Manually created Business Applications.
    • Can contain custom groups.
    • Can contain any object to tier relationships.
    • Can contain applications.
Note: Applications discovered using Service Discovery which have only one node are not displayed.

Options in the Business Applications Page

Table 1. Options in the Business Applications Page
Option Description
Vertical Elipses Click the vertical ellipses beside a Business Application to perform one of the following actions:
  • Edit (Not available for vRealize Operations created Business Applications)
  • Delete
  • Go to Details
Filter Filter the objects in the table by name.
Add Business Application Click to create a new Business Application
Show Columns Click to hide/show columns in the table.
Preview Click on a Business Application name in the table to see a visual preview of the objects and their relationships.