When vRealize Operations is integrated with vRealize Log Insight, you can view and troubleshoot vRealize Log Insight object issues within vRealize Operations . Earlier you could troubleshoot issues related only to vCenter objects, but now you can troubleshoot issues related to vSAN also.

The enhancements to vSAN log analytics include use of specific queries to retrieve log information for the following vSAN objects:
  • vSAN Cluster
  • Witness Host
  • Disk Group
  • Cache Disk
  • Capacity Disk

Where You Find vSAN Object Logs

Navigate to the vSAN Object Details page, and click the Logs tab.
Note: If you are not logged in to vRealize Log Insight, then vRealize Operations prompts you to log in to vRealize Log Insight with your login credentials.

vRealize Operations uses special queries for each object type. Using the special queries for vSAN objects, you can perform the following actions:

  • View interactive analytics for the selected vSAN object.
  • Retrieve log details for the vSAN object.
  • Analyze and troubleshoot issues related to the vSAN object.