To activate vRealize Operations monitoring , you add licenses at installation or later. You track licenses so that you know what vRealize Operations can monitor and when your licenses expire. A new license key is required for vRealize Operations Manager 7.0 and later versions. All license keys except vSOM Enterprise Plus and its add-ons are invalidated. The product works in evaluation mode until a new valid license key is installed. After you log in to the user interface of vRealize Operations, if you see that you are using an evaluation license, consider applying for a new license before the end of the 60-day evaluation period.

You can obtain the new license keys from the MyVMware portal.
Note: If you added new licenses when you upgraded to vRealize Operations 7.0, you can skip this step. However, if you have deployed a new instance of vRealize Operations 8.x, you must install a new license.

How License Keys Work

License keys activate the solution or product and are available in varying levels. Higher levels typically allow vRealize Operations to monitor more objects.

Where You Find the License Keys

  1. From the left menu, click Administration, and then click the Licensing tile.
  2. Click the License Keys tab.

License Key Options

The options include toolbar and data grid options.

Click Add or click the Hortizontal Ellipses to refresh or remove license keys.

Table 1. License Key Toolbar Options
Option Description
Add Select a solution or product, and then enter and validate a license key for it.
Delete Remove a license key.
Refresh License Usage Update the list of keys.

Use the data grid options to view item details.

Table 2. License Key Data Grid Options
Option Description
Product or Solution Name of the product or solution associated with the key.
License Type Level of the license.

To view the license edition, click the Accounts icon. icon, and then click About. The About vRealize Operations dialog box opens. You can view the version no and the license edition that is in use.

License Capacity Number of objects that the license allows the product to monitor.
License Usage Number of monitored objects that count against the capacity. If you have an unlimited capacity, this number is zero (0).
Status Indicates whether the license is valid.
Expiry Date and time when the license expires.
License Information (below) Details for the selected license key.
Overview Solution or product, expiration, capacity, type, and use of the selected license key.
Associated License Groups License groups that this key is a member of, and the number of objects in the groups.