A two-page dialog box that provides information about optimizing the workload of a selected container. When you run the optimization action, vRealize Operations checks which of the VMs can be moved to a different cluster for better optimization of resources, based on the settings you entered in your Operational and Business Intent settings. You can download a report that provides information about the list of VMs that were included in, and excluded from, the move plan. The report provides reasons as to why some VMs were excluded from the plan.

First page: The current workload ("before," for example, CPU 105%) and projected results ("after," for example storage utilization 45%) for a possible optimizing action.

Second page: The exact moves planned for compute and storage resources.

Note: It is possible that there is no optimization move plan. Review the report to see why vRealize Operations could not provide a move plan.

Where You Find Optimize Placement

At the Workload Optimization screen, select OPTIMIZE NOW in the Optimization Recommendation pane.

Table 1. Optimize Clusters Options
Option Description
Compare Cluster Balance If you are satisfied with the before and after numbers (First page, above), click NEXT.
Review Optimization Moves If you are satisfied with the moves planned (Second page, above), click BEGIN ACTION.
Note: Review the optimization plan report before you click BEGIN ACTION.
Download Report The optimization plan report is in CSV format, and provides the following information:
  • Summary of the optimization plan.
  • Summary of the moves that make up the optimization plan.
  • Issues related to the data center. Resolve these issues before proceeding with the optimization.
  • Issues and incompatibilities applicable to specific VMs and their configurations. Resolve these issues, if applicable.
  • Failed move attempts applicable to the specific VMs and their target destinations, as determined from the VM move plan. Resolve these issues and incompatibilities.

See also Example: Run Workload Optimization.