The Recent Task status includes all the tasks initiated from vRealize Operations . You use the task status information to verify that your tasks finished successfully or to determine the current state of tasks.

You can monitor the status of tasks that are started when you run actions, and investigate whether a task finished successfully.


You ran at least one action as part of an alert recommendation or from one of the toolbars. See Run Actions from Toolbars in vRealize Operations .


  1. In the menu, click Administration, then select History from the left pane.
  2. Click Recent Tasks.
  3. To determine if you have tasks that are not finished, click the Status column and sort the results.
    Option Description
    In Progress Indicates running tasks.
    Completed Indicates finished tasks.
    Failed Indicates incomplete tasks on at least one object when started on multiple objects.
    Maximum Time Reached Indicates timed out tasks.
  4. To evaluate a task process, select the task in the list and review the information in the Details of Task Selected pane.
    The details appear in the Messages pane. If the information message includes No action taken, the task finished because the object was already in the requested state.
  5. To view the messages for an object when the task included several objects, select the object in the Associated Objects list.
    To clear the object selection so that you can view all the messages, press the space bar.

What to do next

Troubleshoot tasks with a status of Maximum Time Reached or Failed to determine why a task did not run successfully. See Troubleshoot Failed Tasks.