You can monitor your environment for generated alerts in several areas in vRealize Operations Manager . The alerts are generated when the symptoms in the alert definition are triggered, letting you know when the objects in your environment are not operating within the parameters you defined as acceptable.

Generated alerts appear in many areas of vRealize Operations Manager so that you can monitor and respond to problems in your environment.


Alerts are classified as Health, Risk, or Efficiency. Health alerts indicate problems that require immediate attention. Risk alerts indicate problems that must be addressed shortly, before the problems become immediate health problems. Efficiency alerts indicate areas where you can reclaim wasted space or improve the performance of objects in your environment.

You can monitor the alerts for your environment in the following locations.

  • Alerts
  • Health
  • Risk
  • Efficiency
You can monitor alerts for a selected object in the following locations.
  • Alert Details, including the Summary, Timeline, and Metric Charts tabs
  • Summary tab
  • Alerts tab
  • Events tab
  • Custom dashboards
  • Alert notifications

Working with Alerts

Alerts indicate a problem that must be resolved so that triggering conditions no longer exist and the alert is canceled. Suggested resolutions are provided as recommendations so that you can approach the problem with solutions.

As you monitor alerts, you can take ownership, suspend, or manually cancel alerts.

When you cancel an alert, the alert and any symptoms of type message event, or metric event are canceled. You cannot manually cancel other types of symptoms. If a message event symptom or metric event symptom triggered the event, then the alert is effectively canceled. If a metric symptom or property symptom triggered the alert, a new alert might be created for the same conditions in the next few minutes.

The correct way to remove an alert is to address the underlying conditions that triggered the symptoms and generated the alert.

Migrated Alerts

If you migrated alerts from a previous version of vRealize Operations Manager , the alerts are listed in the overview with a canceled status, but alert details are not available.