As part of managing or maintaining the nodes in your vRealize Operations cluster, you might need to log in to a vRealize Operations node through a remote console.

For security, remote login is deactivated in vRealize Operations by default. To activate remote login, perform the following steps.


  1. Log in to a vCenter Server system using a vSphere Web Client and select a vCenter Server instance in the vSphere Web Client navigator.
    1. Find the Virtual Machine in the hierarchy and click Launch Console.
      Note: You can also use the vSphere Client to launch the node console by direct access after activating the SSHD service.
    The virtual machine console opens in a new tab of the Web browser.
  2. Locate the node console and click Launch Console.
  3. In vCenter, use Alt+F1 to access the login prompt and log in as root. If this is the first time logging in, you must set a root password.
    1. When prompted for a password, press Enter.
    2. When prompted for the old password, press Enter.
    3. When prompted for the new password, enter the root password that you want, and note it for future reference.
    4. Re-enter the root password.
  4. To activate remote login, enter the following command:
    service sshd start