Review the best practices for pDRS that are listed here.

  • Enabling pDRS requires actions to be activated.

  • The Action credentials must have administrative permissions on the cluster which is enabling pDRS.

  • pDRS may not be activated for every cluster in vCenter.

  • vCenter can only receive pDRS data from one vRealize Operations instance.

    There must only be one vRealize Operations to one vCenter relationship.

  • Be careful, if you add another vRealize Operations to the same vCenter

    Adding another vRealize Operations to an existing vCenter overwrites the existing vRealize Operations.

  • Always check pDRS scale numbers

    For vRealize Operations, do not activate in clusters > 4K VMs

  • You need vSphere 6.5 to activate the pDRS functionality

    It is required to use vSphere 6.5 to activate the pDRS functionality when using vRealize Operations