Some best practices for metrics in vRealize Operations are listed here.

  • Use the metrics that are providing relevant information for your service (use-case)

    There are many out-of-the-box metrics activated by default so disable any metrics that do not provide relevant information for your service (use-case) to reduce the amount of unsolicited noise.

  • If metrics values are unclear, refer to the documentation or do not include the ones in dashboards/reports which help to make a evaluation or monitoring of main services. For escaping the possibility of improper usage and getting misleading results, it is recommended to use obvious or verified metrics

    Only metrics which are understood provide the most value. If a metric does not make sense, the value is limited and only creates a additional noise. Always verify that each metric makes sense.

  • Super Metrics

    To easily identify the super metrics, use a consistent naming convention . Always preview or test the super metric before applying. Activate super metrics on specific objects. Disable super metrics from the policy and remove the super metric from the object type before deleting the super metric.