Before you can install the End Point Operations Management agent, you must perform preparatory tasks.


  • To configure the agent to use a keystore that you manage yourself for SSL communication, set up a JKS-format keystore for the agent on its host and import its SSL certificate. Make a note of the full path to the keystore, and its password. You must specify this data in the agent's file.

    Verify that the agent keystore password and the private key password are identical.

  • Define the agent HQ_JAVA_HOME location.

    vRealize Operations Manager platform-specific installers include JRE 1.8.x . Depending on your environment and the installer you use, you may need to define the location of the JRE to ensure that the agent can find the JRE to use. See Configuring JRE Locations for End Point Operations Management Components.

Note: You cannot run the vRealize Application Remote Collector agent on the same VM as the End Point Operations Management agent.