An application is a container construct that represents a collection of interdependent hardware and software components that deliver a specific capability to support your business. vRealize Operations builds an application to determine how your environment is affected when one or more components in an application experiences problems, and to monitor the overall health and performance of the application. Object membership in an application is not dynamic. To change the application, you manually modify the objects in the container.

Reasons to Use Applications

vRealize Operations collects data from components in the application and displays the results in a summary dashboard for each application with a real-time analysis for any of the components. If a component experiences problems, you can see where in the application the problems arise, and determine how problems spread to other objects.

Note: vRealize Operations provides for calendar periodicity. If your application includes work performed on a specific day of the month, for example, the 15th of the month or the last day of the month, this calendar function identifies the pattern after six cycles of the application. Once the pattern is recognized, the system can forecast accurately into the future. Because the system acquires its information from the input data, you do not have to give any details about how you schedule periodical work.