The subject is the base object type for which the view shows information.

To specify a subject for a view, from the left menu, click Visualize > Views. From the Views panel, click Create. In the New View dialog box, on the left, click Subjects. If you create a view, complete the required previous steps.

The subject you specify determines where the view is applicable. If you select more than one subject, the view is applicable for each of them. You can limit the level where the view appears with the Blacklist option in the Visibility step.

View availability depends on the view configuration subject, inventory view, user permissions, and view Visibility settings.

For list views with Symptom as a subject, the following columns can be sorted: Criticality Level, Status, Object Type, Object Name, Created on, and Canceled on. You cannot sort the Triggered On and Violation Info columns. If other symptom metrics exist, you cannot sort any of the columns.

In a List view, you can group the results based on a parent object, by making a selection in the Group By drop-down option. If you generate a report based on the list view for which a group has been specified, the report displays group-based information for the selected object. You can also view summary calculations for the group of objects in the report, along with the total summary results for all the objects.