When a user calls in with a problem and you know the name of the device they are using, can search for that type of device or the specific device and use the AWS Troubleshooting dashboard to get an overview of the system functionality.

When you select the device, the relationship tree displays the item, its parents, and children. You can observe the Health, Workload, Anomalies, and Faults to get an overview of how the system is functioning in those areas.

Use information in the Interesting Metrics widget to help identify the root cause of issues. The Health, Anomalies, and Events Mash-up widget allows you to compare changes in the system to see how they might affect one another.

There is a suggested flow to using the widgets in this dashboard.
  1. Start with only the AWS Object widget open, and find the item you want to inspect.
  2. Select the item, then expand the AWS Relationship widget to view the item's status.
  3. Select one or all the related objects, then view the Ordered Symptoms, Interesting Metrics, and Mash-up.
  4. Optionally, drag widgets into a new configuration if it makes it easier for you to compare information that is meaningful to you.
  5. Examine the list of ordered symptoms and determine which of these events, in the given order might cause the problem to occur.