You can extend the monitoring capabilities of vRealize Operations by installing and configuring management packs in vRealize Operations to connect to, and analyze data from external data sources in your environment. Once connected, you can use vRealize Operations to monitor and manage objects in your environment.

A management pack can be a connection to a data source, or it might include predefined dashboards, widgets, alerts, and views.

Solutions can include cloud accounts, other accounts, dashboards, reports, alerts, and other content. The cloud accounts and other accounts comprise of adapters, using which vRealize Operations manages communication and integration with other products, applications, and functions. When a management pack is installed and the adapters are configured, you can use the vRealize Operations analytics and alerting tools to manage the objects in your environment.

VMware solutions include adapters for the following:
  • Storage Devices
  • Log Insight
  • NSX for vSphere
  • Network Devices
  • VCM
Third-party solutions include AWS, SCOM, EMC Smarts, and many others.

Other management packs such as the VMware Management Pack for NSX for vSphere, can be added to vRealize Operations. To download VMware management packs and other third-party solutions, visit the VMware Marketplace at

vRealize Operations includes management packs that are pre-installed.

vRealize Operations also includes management packs that are bundled with vRealize Operations, but not activated.

For a fresh deployment of vRealize Operations, the activation status of management packs is as follows:

Table 1. Management Pack Activation Status
Management Pack Name Activated by Default? Can be Deactivated?
vSphere Yes No
VMware Cloud on AWS Yes No
Microsoft Azure No Yes
GCP No Yes
vSAN Yes No
Service Discovery Yes No
vRealize Automation 8.x No Yes
Azure VMware Solution No Yes
AWS No Yes
VMware Cloud on Dell EMC No Yes
OS and Application Monitoring Yes No
Cloud Management Assessments Yes Yes
vRealize Log Insight No Yes
vRealize Network Insight No Yes
NSX-T Yes No
Ping No Yes
PCI Compliance No Yes
ISO Compliance No Yes
HIPAA Compliance No Yes
FISMA Compliance No Yes
DISA Compliance No Yes
CIS Compliance No Yes

Now, Cloud Accounts, Other Accounts, Integrations, Repository are all available from a central Integrations page in vRealize Operations . This page can be accessed from the left menu by clicking Data Sources > Integrations.

Upgrade Considerations

The native management packs in vRealize Operations are reinstalled if vRealize Operations is upgraded.