You can now use the allocation model to compute the cost of clusters in vRealize Operations , earlier the cluster cost computation was based on the cluster utilization. When you perform cost computation using the allocation model, you can set the over commit ratio for CPU, RAM, and storage.

Note: The allocation ratio can be set at both cluster level and datastore cluster level. You can also mention the storage base rate, which will displayed at the datastore level.
Table 1. Cluster Base Rate Computation with Allocation Model
Base Rate Formula
vCPU Base Rate vCPU base rate = B1 = (Cost attributed to CPU) / (Number of vCPUs in a cluster)
RAM Base Rate RAM base rate = B2 = (Cost attributed to RAM) / Number of vRAMs in a cluster)
Note: The cost computation is based on Over Commit ratio. If the Over Commit ratio is 1:4, and total cores in cluster are 6, then vCPU count = 24, in case if the allocated vCPU exceeds this targeted number, then the maximum value is selected.
Table 2. Virtual Machine Cost Computation with Allocation Model
Cost Formula
Virtual Machine Cost Virtual machine cost = (Number of vCPU allocated x B1 of cluster it belongs to) + Number of vRAMs allocated x B2 of cluster it belongs to) + storage cost + direct cost.
Note: Storage allocated represents the Storage Base Rate based on allocation.