On the Report Templates tab you can create, edit, delete, clone, run, schedule, export, and import templates.

From the left menu, click Environment > Object Browser. From the Object Browser panel, select an object and click Reports > Report Templates to access the Reports Templates tab.

All templates that are applicable for the selected object are listed on the Report Templates tab. You can order them by report name, description, subject, date they were last modified, last run, or by whom they were modified.

For more information about the options and actions in the Reports Tab page, see Report Templates Overview.

Table 1. Predefined Filter Groups
Filter Group Description
Name Filter by the template name. For example, you can list all reports that contain my template in their name by typing my template.
Subject Filter by another object. If the report contains more than one view applicable for another type of object, you can filter by those objects.
Owner Filter by the owner of the report template.
vSphere users must be logged in until the report generation is complete. If you log out or your session expires, the report generation fails.
Note: The maximum number of reports per template is 10. With every new generated report, vRealize Operations deletes the oldest report.