Create a job to schedule an action to be performed automatically. You can choose the type of action you want to perform, and then select the scope of the action. You can filter the scope based on attributes and metrics. Every action has a configuration option, which enables you to control the execution of the job based on conditions.


  1. In the Automation Central page, click Add Job.
    The Create Job page opens. This page displays a wizard with three steps.
  2. In the Select Action step of the wizard, specify the following properties to create the action:
    Property Description
    Name Specify a name for the action. This is displayed in the calendar.
    Description Provide a description for the action.
    Actions Select an option for the action that must be performed as per the schedule. The choices are:


    1. Delete old snapshots
    2. Delete idle VMs
    3. Power off idle VMs
    4. Delete powered off VMs
    Performance Optimizations:
    1. Downsize oversized VMs
      Note: VM hot-add/remove enabled setting is not checked in this case. It is checked in case power off is not allowed from the actions, and the VM is powered on.
    2. Scale-up undersized VMs
    General Operations:
    1. Reboot VMs
  3. Click Next.
  4. In the Select Scope step of the wizard, select the clusters on which the automation job will run.
    1. In the Select Automation Group section, use the filter to find the cluster that you want the automated job to run on.
    2. In the Set Filter Criteria section, find the VM from the selected clusters with additional filter criteria for each VM to meet.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Schedule step of the wizard has three sections:
    1. Set the start date, start time and time zone in the Start Date section.
    2. Set the recurrence as one-time, daily or weekly in the Recurrence section. You can also set recurrence to run a specific number of days, or run indefinitely or till a certain date.
    3. In the Notifications section, select the Receive Updates on Job Via Email check box to receive notifications two hours before the job is set to run. For the email to be sent, you must also select the email outbound plugin from the drop down menu, and enter the email address to which the email must be sent. You can click Create New Instance to create a new instance of the outbound plugin.
  7. Click Create to complete the steps in the wizard and create the job.