A custom data center is an object type that provides capacity analytics and capacity badge computations based on the objects it contains. You create a custom data center object and add inventory objects to it.

Where You Create or Edit a Custom Datacenter

To create a custom data center, in the menu click Environment > Custom Data Centers, and click the ADD button.

To edit a selected custom data center, click the Vertical Ellipses to edit, remove or clone.

Table 1. Add and Edit Custom Datacenters Configuration Options
Option Description
Name Descriptive name of the custom data center.
Description Meaningful description for the custom data center. Provide specific information that other users must know about this custom data center.

Lists the objects in your environment. Select the check box for each object to add to the custom data center.

You can add vCenter Server instances, vSphere data centers, vSphere clusters, and ESXi hosts.

When you add an object, the hierarchical children of that object become part of the custom data center. An object can belong to multiple custom data centers.