You can change the order of the dashboard tabs on your home page. You can configure vRealize Operations to switch from one dashboard to another. This feature is useful if you have several dashboards that show different aspects of your enterprise's performance and you want to look at each dashboard in turn.

Where You Configure Auto-Rotation of a Dashboard

To reorder and configure a dashboard switch, from the left menu, click Visualize > Dashboards. From the Dashboards panel, click Manage. Select Auto-rotate Dashboards from the horizontal ellipsis next to the Add option.

How You Reorder the Dashboards

The list shows the dashboards as they are ordered. Drag the dashboards up and down to change their order on the home page.

How You Configure an Automatic Dashboard Rotation

  1. Double-click a dashboard from the list to configure.
  2. From the Rotation drop-down menus, select On.
  3. Select the time interval in seconds.
  4. Select the dashboard to switch and click Update.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.

On the home page, the current dashboard will switch to the dashboard that is defined after the specified time interval.