Events are changes in vRealize Operations metrics that reflect changes that occurred on managed objects because of user actions, system actions, triggered symptoms, or generated alerts on an object. Use the Events tab to compare the occurrence of events with the generated alerts. These comparisons can help determine if a change on your managed object contributed to the root cause of the alert or other problems with the object.

Events can occur on any object, not just the one listed.

The following vCenter Server activities are some of the activities that generate vRealize Operations events:
  • Powering a virtual machine on or off
  • Creating a virtual machine
  • Installing VMware Tools on the guest OS of a virtual machine
  • Adding a newly configured ESX/ESXi system to a vCenter Server system

Depending on alert definitions, these events might generate alerts.

You might monitor the same virtual machines with other applications that provide information to vRealize Operations , with the adapters for those applications configured to provide change events. In this instance, the Events tab includes certain change events that occur on the monitored objects. These change events might provide further insight into the cause of problems that you are investigating.