The Return On Investment dashboard helps you to measure the return on investment if you use vRealize Operations to manage your virtual infrastructure. You can track the total cost of ownership of the entire environment along with potential savings and realized savings from recommendations provided, the dashboard helps you quantify the cost efficiency and cost savings over time.

Potential Savings is a summary of all cost savings opportunities identified by vRealize Operations . Realized Savings is a summary of cost savings from actions performed that are related to recommendations provided by vRealize Operations .

Widget Information

  • Total Cost of Ownership provides details of the monthly cost of server hardware, licenses, maintenance, facilities, labor, network, storage, and additional costs.
  • Average Cost per VM is a good indicator of cost efficiency over time. It is natural for the cost per VM to go up when new capacity is added and trend downwards as additional capacity is consumed. The goal is to reduce the average cost per VM over time.
  • Realize Savings Breakdown shows the cost of reclaimed resources from the VM identified by vRealize Operations .
  • Potential Savings covers the cost savings opportunities identified by vRealize Operations .