vRealize Operations collects configuration, disk space, CPU use, disk, memory, network, power, and summary metrics for cluster compute resources.

Cost Metrics for Cluster Compute Resources

Cost metrics provide information about the cost.

Metric Name Description
Cluster CPU Base Rate Base rate for Cluster CPU calculated by dividing the monthly total cluster CPU cost by cluster CPU over-commit ratio.


Cluster Memory Base Rate Cluster memory base rate calculated by dividing the monthly total cluster memory cost b cost by cluster memory over-commit ratio.

Key: Cost|Allocation|ClusterMemoryBaseRate

Monthly Cluster Allocated Cost Sum of of monthly cluster CPU, Memory, and Storage costs

Key: Cost|Allocation|MonthlyClusterAllocatedCost

Monthly Cluster Unallocated Cost Monthly cluster unallocated cost calculated by subtracting the monthly cluster allocated cost from the monthly cluster total cost.

Key: Cost|Allocation| MonthlyClusterUnallocatedCost

Monthly Storage Rate Datastore base rate is calculated by dividing Storage base rate based on utilization by over commit ratio.

Key:Cost|Allocation|Monthly Storage Rate