If you have moved a large part of your environment into VMware Cloud, you can deploy or migrate your vRealize Operations instance into VMware Cloud directly. After the vRealize Operations cluster is deployed on VMware Cloud, you can collect data from other VMware Cloud SDDCs and the SDDC located on-prem using remote collectors. You can deploy remote collectors to send over data into the centralized analytics cluster deployed in VMware Cloud.


  1. Deploy the vRealize Operations cluster in VMware Cloud, see Deployment of vRealize Operations Manager.
    Note: Deploy the OVF template in the VMware Cloud on the data center level. VMware Cloud has two resource pools, the regular workload and the administrative workload. You can only deploy the new OVF template in the workload resource pool.
  2. Deploy the remote collectors in vRealize Operations , see Create a Remote Collector.
    Note: VMware Cloud is set in an isolated network and so, the remote collectors cannot view or connect to the primary node. To collect data, you must set up the bidirectional access between the vRealize Operations primary node and the remote collector you have created. To do so, you can use a VPN or a direct connection with no NAT.
  3. Add and configure an adapter instance in the vRealize Operations cluster in VMware Cloud. To configure a vCenter adapter, see Configure a vCenter Adapter Instance in vRealize Operations Manager. To configure a vSAN adapter, see Configure a vSAN Adapter Instance.
    Note: If the Remote collectors are deployed on-premises, set Cloud Type to Private Cloud. However, if you deploy remote collectors in another VMware Cloud, set the Cloud Type to VMware Cloud on AWS.
    Ensure that the remote collector is assigned to the adapter instance and the data collection of the adapter instance happens through the remote collectors that you have set up. Select the newly deployed remote collectors for Collectors/Groups under Advanced Settings.
    Figure 1. vRealize Operations in VMware Cloud collecting data from other VMware Cloud SDDC, AWS, and On-Premise with remote data collectors

    Collection of data from VMware Cloud SDDC,AWS, and on-premise through remote collectors.