vRealize Operations collects metrics for Tanzu Kubernetes cluster through the vCenter adapter and uses formulas to derive statistics from those metrics. You can use metrics to troubleshoot problems in your environment.

Table 1. Metrics for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters
Metric Key Localized Name Description
cpu|usagemhz_average CPU|Usage Average CPU usage in MHZ
cpu|demandmhz CPU|Demand Demand(MHz)
cpu|capacity_contentionPct CPU|Contention Percent of time descendant virtual machines are unable to run because they are contending for access to the physical CPU(s).
cpu|effective_limit CPU|Effective limit CPU Effective limit
cpu|reservation_used CPU|Reservation Used CPU Reservation Used
cpu|estimated_entitlement CPU|Estimated entitlement CPU Estimated entitlement
cpu|dynamic_entitlement CPU|Dynamic entitlement CPU Dynamic Entitlement
cpu|capacity_contention CPU|Overall CPU Contention Overall CPU Contention (ms)
cpu|capacity_demandEntitlementPct CPU|Capacity Demand Entitlement CPU Capacity Demand Entitlement Percentage
mem|usage_average Memory|Usage Memory currently in use as a percentage of total available memory
mem|guest_provisioned Memory|Total Capacity Total Capacity
mem|active_average Memory|Guest Active Amount of memory that is actively used
mem|granted_average Memory|Granted Amount of memory available for use
mem|shared_average Memory|Shared Amount of shared memory
mem|overhead_average Memory|VM Overhead Memory overhead reported by host
mem|consumed_average Memory|Consumed Amount of host memory consumed by the virtual machine for guest memory
mem|host_contentionPct Memory|Contention Machine Contention Percentage
mem|guest_usage Memory|Guest Usage Guest Memory Entitlement
mem|guest_demand Memory|Guest Demand Guest Memory Entitlement
mem|reservation_used Memory|Reservation Used Memory Reservation Used
mem|effective_limit Memory|Effective limit Memory Effective limit
mem|swapinRate_average Memory|Swap In Rate Rate at which memory is swapped from disk into active memory during the collection interval. This can impact performance.
mem|swapoutRate_average Memory|Swap Out Rate Rate at which memory is being swapped from active memory to disk during the current interval
mem|vmmemctl_average Memory|Balloon Amount of memory currently used by the virtual machine memory control
mem|zero_average Memory|Zero Amount of memory that is all 0
mem|swapped_average Memory|Swapped Amount of unreserved memory
mem|zipped_latest Memory|Zipped N/A
mem|compressionRate_average Memory|Compression Rate N/A
mem|decompressionRate_average Memory|Decompression Rate N/A
mem|swapin_average Memory|Swap In Amount of memory swapped in
mem|swapout_average Memory|Swap Out Amount of memory swapped out
mem|swapused_average Memory|Swap Used Amount of memory used for swap space
mem|host_contention Memory|Contention Machine Contention
mem|dynamic_entitlement Memory|Dynamic Entitlement Memory Dynamic Entitlement
summary|number_running_vms Summary|Number of Running VMs Number of Running VMs
summary|total_number_vms Summary|Total Number of VMs Total Number of VMs
summary|iowait Summary|IO Wait IO Wait