For troubleshooting in the Admin UI, the product provides an expandable tree of vRealize Operations log files that you can browse and load for review.

How vRealize Operations Logs Work

vRealize Operations logs are categorized by cluster node, and functional area or log type.

Where You Find vRealize Operations Logs

Log in to the vRealize Operations administration interface at https://master-node-name-or-ip-address/admin and then click Support > Logs.

Log Viewer Options

Use the toolbar options to control the tree of items and the viewer.

Table 1. Log Viewer Toolbar Options
Option Description
Starting Line Specifies the starting line of the file to be displayed.

Note: 0 is for the first line. -1 or no value indicates that the file has to be displayed from the end.

Number of Lines Specifies the number of lines to be displayed from the file.

For example:

If you want to see the first 10 lines of the required text, specify the number of lines as 10 and the starting line as 0.

Word Wrap If you select this option, the extra part of the line that does not fit on the screen is moved to the next line. If you do not select this option, a scroll bar is provided to see the complete line.