The vRealize Operations collects the metrics you use to monitor the performance of your vSAN cluster.

vRealize Operations enhances the capacity calculation for vSAN, using the new slack space provided by the new vSAN API. Cost calculation is still done using the old way which reserves 30% memory for Slack Overhead.

Metrics for vSAN cluster include:
Component Metrics
Component Limit
  • vSAN|Component Limit|Component Limit Used (%)
  • vSAN|Component Limit|Total Component Limit
  • vSAN|Component Limit|Used Component Limit
Disk Space
  • vSAN|Disk Space|Disk Space Used (%)
  • vSAN|Disk Space|Total Disk Space (GB)
  • vSAN|Disk Space|Used Disk Space (GB)
  • vSAN|Disk Space|Usable Capacity (GB)
Read Cache
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Read Cache Reserved (%)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Reserved Read Cache Size (GB)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Read Cache Size (GB)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Reads Per Second (IOPS)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Read Throughput (KBps)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Average Read Latency (ms)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Writes Per Second (IOPS)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Write Throughput (KBps)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Average Write Latency (ms)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Congestion
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Outstanding I/O
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total IOPS
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Latency (ms)
  • vSAN|Read Cache|Total Throughput (KBps)
Deduplication And Compression Overview
  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Used Before
  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Used After
  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Savings
  • vSAN|Deduplication And Compression Overview|Ratio
  • Summary|Number of Cache Disks
  • Summary|Total Number of Capacity Disks
  • Summary|CPU Workload
  • Summary|Memory Workload
  • Summary|Total Number of Disk Groups
  • Summary|Total Active Alerts Count
  • Summary|Total Number of VMs
  • Summary|Total Number of Hosts
  • Summary|vSAN Cluster Capacity Remaining (%)
  • Summary|vSAN Cluster Storage Time Remaining
  • Summary|vSAN Capacity Disk Used
  • Summary | Total vSAN CPU Used (MHz)
  • Summary | Max vSAN CPU Ready
  • Summary | Worst VM Disk Latency

  • KPI|Sum Host VMKernel Packets Dropped
  • KPI|Count Disk Group Congestion Above 50
  • KPI|Max Disk Group Congestion
  • KPI|Sum Disk Group Errors
  • KPI|Min Disk Group Capacity Free
  • KPI|Min Disk Group Read Cache Hit Rate
  • KPI|Min Disk Group Write Buffer Free
  • KPI|Max Disk Group Read Cache/Write Buffer Latency
  • KPI|Max Capacity Disk Latency
  • KPI | Max Capacity Disk IOPS
IO Size

  • vSAN | Performance | I/O Size (KB)
  • vSAN | Performance | Read I/O Size (KB)
  • vSAN | Performance | Write I/O Size (KB)
Resynchronization Status ( Metrics applicable for vSAN 6.7 and later)
  • vSAN | Resync | Bytes left to resync (bytes)
  • vSAN | Resync | Resyncing Objects
Stretched Cluster
  • vSAN|Stretched Cluster|Latency Between Sites|Preferred and Secondary (ms)
  • vSAN|Stretched Cluster|Latency Between Sites|Preferred and Witness (ms)
  • vSAN|Stretched Cluster|Latency Between Sites|Secondary and Witness (ms)
File Share
  • vSAN|FileServices|totalShareCount
File Service
  • vSAN | File Services | File Shares Used Disk Space (GB)
  • vSAN | File Services | Root FS Used Disk Space (GB)
  • vSAN | File Services | File Shares Count
Slack Space
  • vSAN|Slack Space|Internal Operations Capacity (GB)
  • vSAN|Slack Space|Host Rebuild Capacity (GB)
  • vSAN|Slack Space|Transient Capacity Used (GB)