When vRealize Operations redescribes an adapter, vRealize Operations finds the adapter files, gathers information about the abilities of the adapter, and updates the user interface with information about the adapter.

How Adapter Redescribe Works

After installing or updating an adapter, capture the adapter information by having vRealize Operations redescribe its adapters.

Where You Find Adapter Redescribe

In the menu, click Administration, and then in left pane, click Support > Redescribe.

Adapter Redescribe Options

The feature includes an option to start the adapter describe process.

Table 1. Adapter Redescribe Options
Option Description
Redescribe Start the adapter describe process.

vRealize Operations provides adapter-specific details from the redescribe process.

Table 2. Adapter Redescribe Details
Option Description
Name Adapter to which the redescribe process applies.
Status Success, failure, or other condition related to the last redescribe process.
Describe Version Version of describe.xml against which the last redescribe process ran.
Adapter Version Version of the adapter against which the last redescribe process ran.
Message Additional details about the last redescribe process.