Properties are attributes of objects in the vRealize Operations environment. You use properties in symptom definitions. You can also use properties in dashboards, views, and reports.

vRealize Operations uses adapters to collect properties for target objects in your environment. Property definitions for all objects connected through the vCenter adapter are provided. The properties collected depend on the objects in your environment.

You can add symptoms based on properties to an alert definition so that you are notified if a change occurs to properties on your monitored objects. For example, disk space is a hardware property of a virtual machine. You can use disk space to define a symptom that warns you when the value falls below a certain numeric value. See Defining Symptoms for Alerts.

vRealize Operations generates Object Type Classification and Subclassification properties for every object. You can use object type classification properties to identify whether an object is an adapter instance, custom group, application, tier, or a general object with property values ADAPTER_INSTANCE, GROUP, BUSINESS_SERVICE, TIER, or GENERAL, respectively.