The small deployment profile is intended for systems that manage up to 20,000 resources.

Virtual Appliance Name

The small deployment profile contains a single large analytics node, analytics-1.ra.local.

Deployment Profile Support

The small deployment profile supports the following configuration.

  • 20,000 resources
  • Data retention for six months
  • Additional Time Series Retention for 36 months


The certificate must be signed by a Certificate Authority. The Subject Alternative Name contains the following information.

  • DNS Name = analytics-1.ra.local

This is an example of a small deployment profile.

Table 1. Adapter Properties
Collector Group Collector Adaptor Resources
DEFAULT analytics-1 A 2,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 B 4,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 C 2,000
DEFAULT analytics-1 D 3,000

vRealize Operations Small Deployment Profile Architecture

Small deployment profile architecture with analytics nodes, resources, telegraf agent, and cloud proxy.