You can discover services and applications using the Service Discovery adapter.

Discovered Applications

You can discover predefined applications and custom applications. vRealize Log Insight and vRealize Operations are the predefined applications.

Where You View the Discovered Applications

From the left menu, click Configure > Application Discovery. From the right pane, click the Application Configuration tab.

Custom Applications

You can define custom applications. Click Add Application to add a custom application.
Table 1. Add Custom Application
Option Description
Application Name Enter a name for the application.
Application Prefix Enter a prefix for the application.
Application Services Select a service from the drop-down menu.

If the Service Discovery adapter discovers the service and if the services are connected to each other, a new application is discovered. The new application appears in the Applications Home page. Navigate to Environment > Applications.

Known Applications

You see a list of the predefined applications supported. Select the predefined application, click the vertical ellipsis, and then click Preview. From the relevant Application pane, you can view the application services that can be discovered, and if the connections are identified, they will form an application. You can view the applications that are discovered by clicking Environment > Applications > Applications Home.


If the same service instance is a member of more than one application (both known and custom), then the service is a part of the application that has the greatest number of services configured in the application definition.

The discovered set of services that communicate with each other, should match at least 70% of the defined application. Only the matching ones are filtered out based on whether one service is defined on more than one application.

Discovered Services

You can view discovered services, the number of VMs on which each discovered service is running, and you can configure service discovery.

Where You View the Discovered Services

From the left menu, click Configure > Application Discovery. From the right pane click the Service Configuration tab.

Discovered Services

You see a list of services that are discovered and the number of VMs that have the services running. You see this section after you have configured Service Discovery and the services are discovered.

Known Services

You see a list of all the services supported and those that can be discovered.

Custom Services

You can add a service by clicking Add Service. You can add either a process name or Regex from the Add Custom Service dialog box.
Table 2. Add Custom Service
Options Description
Type Specify the type as either process or regex.


The process name must exactly match the name that you see in the guest OS when running commands ps in Linux and wmic in Windows. Specify a single port for each service.

The following characters are not supported: ,, \, and #.


Enter a regular expression that corresponds to the command line (or at least name) of the service, that you see in the guest OS when you run the following commands: ps in Linux and wmic in Windows.

For example, to discover Cassandra services, enter cass.*dra as the regex.

The following characters are not supported: , and \n.

Process Name Enter a process name.
Port Enter the port information.
Display Name Enter the display name.