After you configure your cloud proxy, you can view the status, health, and upgrade history of your cloud proxy in the vRealize Operations administration interface.

  1. Log in to the vRealize Operations administration interface at https://master-node-name-or-ip-address/admin.
  2. Click Cloud Proxies.
    Table 1. Cloud Proxies Page Options
    Option Description
    IP Address IP address of the cloud proxy.
    Name Name of the cloud proxy.
    Network Proxy Configuration Determines whether the network proxy setting is configured or not.
    Health Status Determines the health of the cloud proxy.
    Upgrade Status Determines whether the upgrade is complete, in-progress or failed.
    Last Upgrade Time Determines when was the last upgrade done.
    Version Version number of the cloud proxy.
  3. Click the Expand icon to view the upgrade history.
    Table 2. Upgrade History Options
    Option Description
    ID The conventional name used to identify the PAK file. It is usually the name of the PAK file and its version numbers joined together without extensions. For example, vRealize-Operations-Cloud-Proxy-84045207710.
    Type The type of upgrade used for the cloud proxy. The cloud proxy can be upgraded either automatically or manually using the command line interface. For more information, see Using the Cloud Proxy Command-Line Interface in the vRealize Operations Manager vApp Deployment Guide.
    Start Time Time stamp when the upgrade started.
    End Time Time Stamp when the upgrade ended.
    Upgrade Status Determines whether the upgrade is complete, in progress, or failed.
    Version Version number of the cloud proxy PAK file.