You can use any of the policies provided with vRealize Operations as a baseline source for your policy settings when you create a policy.

In the policy content area, you can perform the following actions:
  • View the packages and elements for the inherited policy and additional policies that you selected to override the settings.
  • Compare the differences in settings highlighted between these policies.
  • Display object types.

To create a policy, select a base policy to inherit your new custom policy inherits settings. To override some of the settings in the base policy according to the requirements for the service level agreement for your environment, you can select and apply a separate policy for a management pack solution. The override policy includes specific settings defined for the types of objects to override, either manually or that an adapter provides when it is integrated with vRealize Operations. The settings in the override policy overwrite the settings in the base policy that you selected.

When you select and apply a policy to use to overwrite the settings that your policy inherits from the base policy, the policy that you select appears in the policy settings cards.

Click each card to display the inherited policy configuration, and your policy, and displays a preview of the selected policy settings. When you select one of the policy cards, you can view the number of enabled and disabled alert definitions, symptom definitions, metrics and properties, and the number of enabled and disabled changes.

When you select the Groups and Objects card, you select the objects to view so that you can see which policy elements apply to the object type. For example, when you select the StorageArray object type, the workspace displays the local packages for the policy and the object group types with the number of policy elements in each group.

You can preview the policy settings for all object types, only the object types that have settings changed locally, or settings for new object types that you add to the list, such as Storage Array storage devices.

Where You Select and Override Base Policies Settings

To select a base policy to use as a starting point for your own policy, and to select a policy to override one or more settings that your policy inherits from the base policy, from the left menu, click Configure > Policies, and then click Add to add a policy. In the Create policies workspace, add a name and description for the policy and from the Inherit From drop-down, select the base policy. The policy configuration, objects, and preview appear in cards below this drop-down.