To collect and display data about the number of virtual machines on a vCenter Server, you create a custom view.


  1. From the left menu, click Visualize > Views.
  2. From the Views panel, click Create.
  3. From the New View dialog box, enter Virtual Machines Distribution, the name for the view.
  4. Enter a meaningful description for the view.
    For example, A view showing the distribution of virtual machines per hosts.
  5. Click Presentation and select the Distribution view type.
    The view type is the way the information is displayed.
    1. From the Visualization drop-down menu, select Pie Chart.
    2. From the Distribution Type configurations, select Discrete distribution.
      Leave Max number of buckets deselected because you do not know the number of hosts on each vCenter Server instance. If you specify a number of buckets and the hosts are more than that number, one of the slices shows unspecified information labeled Others.
  6. Click Subjects to select the object type that applies to the view.
    1. From the drop-down menu, select Host System.
      The Distribution view is visible at the object containers of the subjects that you specify during the view configuration.
  7. Click Data and in the filter text box enter Total Number of VMs.
  8. Select Summary > Total Number of VMs and double-click to add the metric.
  9. Retain the default metric configurations and click Save.