What-If-Analysis - Migration Planning, allows you to evaluate your plan for migrating or moving workloads across different VMware clouds. You can compare capacity and cost of workload across Vmware Cloud for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Vmware Solution (AVS), and Google Cloud Vmware Engine (GCVE). vRealize Operations evalautes the migration plan, calculates the cost and capacity requirements, and provides cost estimate for the selected VMC workload.

Where You Find What-If Analysis - Migration Planning

From the Home screen, select What-If Analysis under Optimize Capacity in the left pane. In the Migration Planning: VMware Cloud click Plan Migration.

How What-If Analysis - Migration Planning Works

The What-If-Analysis feature of Capacity Optimization enables you to forecast successfully the impact of migrating a workload to the VMware Cloud instance such as Vmware Cloud on AWS, Azure Vmware Solution, Google Cloud Vmware Engine. Once you select the Migration Planning screen, choose whether you want to run the scenario against a VMware Cloud on AWS or other type of cloud accounts. For the Vmware Cloud, select the region where you want to migrate the workload.

When you have set the profile for the migrating workload, run the scenario to get the analysis and assessment of your plan. You can select one VMware cloud at a time and get the estimate for migration planning cost. Alternatively, you can save the scenario to edit or run later on. A list of saved scenarios is available in the Saved Scenarios tab on the What-If analysis page.

If you selected VMware Cloud on AWS for your scenario, the results list the VMware Cloud on AWS Assessment, with details of the VMware configuration. The result also displays the resource-use-level cost and the monthly purchase cost for an on-demand subscription. In addition, the result displays the resource-use-level cost and monthly purchase cost for one-year and three-year subscriptions.

About Clouds

The system might provide a recommendation based on the cost of placing the workload on different VMware clouds. This cost-based recommendation varies for different clouds.

For VMware Cloud on AWS, the system displays the resource-use-level cost and the monthly purchase cost for an on-demand subscription, plus those same costs for one-year and three-year subscriptions.

VMware cloud costs are based on the selected configuration, that is, the allocated resources.