Logging in to vRealize Operations requires that you point a Web browser to the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address of a node in the vRealize Operations cluster.

When you log in to vRealize Operations, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • After initial configuration, the product interface URL is:


  • Before initial configuration, the product URL opens the administration interface instead.
  • After initial configuration, the administration interface URL is:


  • The administrator account name is admin. The account name cannot be changed.
  • The admin account is different from the root account used to log in to the console, and does not need to have the same password.
  • When logged in to the administration interface, avoid taking the node that you are logged into offline and shutting it down. Otherwise, the interface closes.
  • The number of simultaneous login sessions before a performance decrease depends on factors such as the number of nodes in the analytics cluster, the size of those nodes, and the load that each user session expects to put on the system. Heavy users might engage in significant administrative activity, multiple simultaneous dashboards, cluster management tasks, and so on. Light users are more common and often require only one or two dashboards.

    The sizing spreadsheet for your version of vRealize Operations contains further detail about simultaneous login support. See Knowledge Base article 2093783.

  • You cannot log in to a vRealize Operations interface with user accounts that are internal to vRealize Operations, such as the maintenance Admin account.
  • You cannot open the product interface from a remote collector node, but you can open the administration interface.
  • For supported Web browsers, see the vRealize Operations Release Notes for your version.