The extra-large deployment profile is intended for systems that manage 240,000 resources, 120,000 of which are enabled for Continuous Availability. This deployment is divided into two data centers and is the maximum supported analytics cluster deployment.

Virtual Appliance Names

The extra-large deployment profile contains six extra-large analytics nodes. Large remote collectors for adapters and witness node for continuous availability.

  • analytics-1.ra.local
  • analytics-2.ra.local
  • analytics-3.ra.local
  • analytics-4.ra.local
  • analytics-5.ra.local
  • analytics-6.ra.local
  • witness-1.ra.local

Deployment Profile Support

  • 240,000 total resources, 120,000 enabled for CA
  • Data retention for six months
  • Additional Time Series Retention for 36 months

Load Balanced Addresses

  • analytics.ra.local


The certificate must be signed by a Certificate Authority. The Subject Alternative Name contains the following information.

  • DNS Name = analytics.refarch.local
  • DNS Name = analytics-1.ra.local to analytics-16.ra.local
  • DNS Name = remote-1.ra.local to remote-N.ra.local
  • DNS Name = witness-1.ra.local

This is an example of an extra-large deployment profile. The adapter in the example provides N-1 redundancy, meaning, if two adapters support 20,000 resources, then a third adapter is added to attain a supported configuration that allows for a single failure.

Table 1. Adapter Properties
Collector Group Data Center Remote Collector Adapter Resources
1 A remote-1 A 5,000
1 A remote-2 B 5,000
Total 10,000
2 A remote-3 C 2,000
2 A remote-3 D 2,000
2 A remote-3 E 1,000
2 A remote-4 F 7,000
2 A remote-5 G 8,000
2 A remote-6 H 5,000
2 A remote-7 I 6,000
Total 31,000
3 B remote-8 J 10,000
3 B remote-9 K 5,000
3 B remote-10 L 5,000
Total 20,000

If a remote collector is lost from these collector groups, you might have to manually rebalance the adapters to comply with the limit of 32,000 resource for each remote collector.

vRealize Operations Extra Large Deployment Profile Architecture

Extra large deployment profile with LB analytics, analytics clusters, data centers, collector groups, telegraf agent, and a witness node.