Review and use the following best practices for groups.

  • Group objects

    There are four ways objects are grouped: vCenter tags, vCenter folders, vRealize Operations groups, and vRealize Operations tags.

  • vRealize Operations also provides Application

    Application is a group, but with a specific purpose and limitation. The strength is to do multi-tier applications with just one group. The limitation is that there is no dynamic membership.

    • Use Groups for dynamic membership

    • For multi-tier apps, use Application

  • Naming Convention

    Use consistent naming conventions throughout dashboards and widgets to make items easily identifiable and understood.

  • Do not create too many groups

    Too many groups will cause added noise and make usage more complicated; keep usage to a minimum.

  • License Groups

    Like other vRealize Operations groups, you create a license group of objects as a way of gathering those objects for data collection. In this case, you are associating the objects with a product license