You can request for a 30-day trial of vRealize Operations Cloud. All the features and functionality in the trial of vRealize Operations Cloud is the same as the subscription.

The following two types of vRealize Operations Cloud trial access types are available:

  • Read-only trial. The vRealize Operations Cloud instance that you get access to is preconfigured and read-only. You can try all the functionality with the content already available in the instance.

  • Full-access trial. The vRealize Operations Cloud instance that you get access to does not have any content. You can configure and use the instance as how you would use the product if you had a subscription.

You can request for the read-only access from the following URL:

Contact VMware Sales or the Accounts Team for a full-access trial instance.

Using the Full-Access Trial Service

You do not pay for the use of the vRealize Operations Cloud service during the trial period.

You receive regular notifications via email, and in the vRealize Operations Cloud console, as your 30-day trial period draws to a close. You also see a trial banner which is displayed in the vRealize Operations Cloud instance indicating that your full-access trial is coming to a close. While still in the trial period, you can do one of the following:

  • Convert your trial to subscription. You can purchase the subscription in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager or send a note to 

  • Terminate your trial before it expires. Contact VMware Sales.

  • Request for a trial extension. Contact VMware Sales.

  • Continue using vRealize Operations Cloud until the end of the trial period.

Subscribing to the vRealize Operations Cloud Service

If you are an organization owner, you can get redirected to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager from the trial banner which is displayed in the vRealize Operations Cloud console where you can buy the subscription. 

After you pay for the vRealize Operations Cloud service, your trial state changes to a subscription state. There is a maintenance window during which VMware upgrades your instance. You cannot access the vRealize Operations Cloud console during the maintenance window.

After you subscribe to vRealize Operations Cloud, you can create a new organization, or continue using the service in the existing organization. If you create a new organization, the data from the trial service is not retained.

Billing for a full-time subscription is handled through VMware Cloud Services. Your billing cycle begins on the day of the month when you upgrade to a full-time subscription. For example, if you upgrade to a full-time subscription on the 15th of the month, your billing cycle runs from the 15th of the month through the 14th of the following month.

For more information about billing, see Billing & Subscription in the VMware Cloud Services Documentation.

Renewing the vRealize Operations Cloud Service Subscription

If you have committed to a vRealize Operations Cloud Service subscription, you must purchase a new subscription to continue using the vRealize Operations Cloud Service after the expiration of a term. If you do not purchase a new subscription, on-demand rates will be charged based on your usage of vRealize Operations Cloud.

vRealize Operations Cloud Service Termination

Termination of the vRealize Operations Cloud Service will result in permanent loss of access to the environments, discontinuation of services, and a deletion of the environments and configurations.

Data Retention After You Stop Using the vRealize Operations Cloud Service

Your data in the vRealize Operations Cloud console is completely deleted 30 days after the trial expires, or after you cancel your trial. During those 30 days, vRealize Operations Cloud does not collect any new data. You can buy a subscription any time before the end of those 30 days.

VMware can provide you with a report showing you that the data is deleted from your vRealize Operations Cloud service. You can use this report for regulatory auditing.