You make sequential API requests to configure an adapter instance. Responses from earlier requests yield information required for a subsequent requests.

Table 1. Summary of Requests
Operation Request Request Body Response
Get all solutions registered with the product and identify the adapter types GET <API-URL>/suite-api/api/solutions None adapterkindkeys
Get all the object types for a particular adapter type. GET <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapterkinds/{key}/resourcekinds None resourceIdentifierTypes
Create an adapter instance object POST <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapters Values for resourceIdentifiers and credential adapterid
Patch an adapter instance to acknowledge the presented certificate PATCH <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapters API response of POST <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapters API response of POST <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapters without adapter-cerfiticates
Start adapter monitoring PUT <API-URL>/suite-api/api/adapters/{adapterid}/monitoringstate/start None 200 OK