The chargeback VM price dashboard lets you know how much you must spend to run a VM on behalf of your customer. In vRealize Operations Cloud, you can configure the cost drivers and let the system automatically determine how much a VM costs based on your infrastructure requirement. Cost Drivers cover server hardware, storage, licenses, application, maintenance, labor, network, facilities, and additional costs configured within vRealize Operations Cloud.

Price is what you charge your customer for running their VM. The price of a VM can be based on the cost of the VM or based on a rate card that you define. Prices can include up charges, service charges, and others.

How to Use the Dashboard

  • Select a Group widget displays the price of the group.
  • Price Summary of Selected Group shows the month to date price of the group.
  • VM Price Distribution (Top 100) shows the most expensive VMs in the group.
  • Powered Off VMs shows reclaimable VMs and their potential savings.
  • Idle VMs shows reclaimable VMs and their potential savings.
  • VMs with Snapshots shows reclaimable snapshots and their age.
  • Price of VMs in the Selected Group shows the price and configuration of each VM in the selected group.